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Responsible Gaming

National Lottery plc (hereinafter referred to as “National Lottery” or “the Company”) is committed to providing customers of National Lottery a transparent and accountable environment, based on responsible gaming principles. The Company’s mission is to provide players with the most entertaining games, but it is also the Company’s responsibility to help prevent compulsive usage and enable players, to play sensibly. National Lottery’s authorised gaming premises provides useful information aimed to help customers stay in check, to recognise issues related to problem gambling, and to take the necessary measures if and when required.


In those instances when players have the obligation to register to consume their game play as is the case for Sports Betting wherein single bets in excess of €50 are played or for playing an Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM), players can control their gaming by seeking to self-exclude specifically from participating in these games. Self-exclusion forms are available in those gaming premises where such games are made available. There is no self-exclusion for any national lottery games. For additional information about self-exclusion, you may contact the National Lottery Helpline Centre.

Self-exclusion can only be done in person through authorised means and persons seeking to self-exclude must prove their identity to National Lottery plc authorised personnel. When opting to self-exclude, players will be excluded from marketing mailing lists (subject to prior consent being given by the player) for the duration of the self-exclusion period. The exclusion from receiving marketing information from National Lottery plc comes into effect after twenty-four (24) hours from the self-exclusion becoming effective.

Protection of Minors

To diminish the chance of underage gambling, National Lottery plc asks for identification documents if it is suspected that a user is minor or a defaulter. National Lottery plc reserves the right to void any transaction with minors or defaulters and to confiscate all winnings, if any, in order to return the minor to the state in which the minor was prior to playing.

Preventing Compulsive Gaming

National Lottery plc takes Responsible Gaming exceedingly seriously and therefore the Company endeavours to actively promote Responsible Gaming and constantly implements measures to address this problem. National Lottery Responsible Gaming initiatives include:

  • The prohibition of offering credit to any customer.
  • Ongoing Responsible Gaming training to employees and retailers.
  • Implementation of services and risk management strategies.

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